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. he made the decision after the internal investigation into the scandal at the vatican. among the things exposed in the 300-page report is blackmail and sex scandals at the vatican. the pope plans to hand over the report to the successor. >>> theless lesist is growing. 32-year-old katrina fritz was arraigned on murder and robbery charges today. detectives claim she is a prostitute who frequently was hired by the victim. ravi kumra was killed last november. fritz's brother is one of the three men charged in the case. another suspected prostitute, raven dixon is also charged. >>> police in pleasant hill began investigating 37-year-old jason pedrosia of having sex with underage girls. police say it happened at the lesher center for the arts. he was fired in november. he also worked at a ballet school. >>> she is back in the headlines and back in hot water. tonight, the woman at the center of the wendy's chili finger case is in trouble with the law again. she hid her face from us when she went in the could you remember room. she spent four years in prison after lying about a rece
the vatican where it is thursday morning. crowds are gathering to be part of this historic time. he reassured he is retiring, but not abandoning them. >> in just a few hours, pope benedict xvi will meet with cardinals who will choose his successor. there appears to be no front runner to replace him. >> ooze as painful as anything can possibly be. i could never imagine. >> their lives have never been the same. only on nbc bay area, the families of victims killed in a mass shooting revealed new information they say could have stopped a gunman. >> a unique school and nothing you can do to get suspended or expelled. the different way this school is treating students. >> a firefighter is accused of threatening coworkers and stealing from his department. what he is facing. >>> storming into an employee meeting in october of 2011 and opening fire, killing three coworkers and wounding others. now widows of two victims are suing the quarry's owner. the families tell damian trujillo why the company ignored the warning signs about the killer. >> it has been -- very, very difficult time. it's like an emp
at the vatican today. that's twice as many as sunday. this is one of the last opportunities to speak at st. peter's square before he retires in ten days. shockwaves through the catholic clurch. the last time a pope resigned was nearly 600 years ago in 1415. on march 1st the day after the pope steps down the cardinals will begin electing a new pope. there is world they would have a new pope in place which is saturday or sunday. >>> here in the bay area, many opinions on what type of person should be in the next pope. it's typical that also be a cardinal in the church. but everyone we spoke to wants the next pope to be someone more progressive than benedict. >> i think that it's good he decided to resign if he feels like hs aging enough that he can't be in control of the p church and divisions and put someone in significantly younger and have more of a heartbeat of the younger generation and what might matter to them move forward. >> among the candidates, one from the philippines recently said the church should listen more and admit its mistakes. it's unlikely the new pope will be from the united s
. >>> and on the eve of ash wednesday, new details from the vatican on the pope's decision to step down. when he made that decision, and why his retirement could set a precedent. >>> and linsanity back in the bay. a lot of people not cheering for the warriors tonight. jeremy lin, a gift he got his parents and friends. >>> a man accused of plotting to blow up bay area banks. a new question about his terror ties. >>> new at 11:00, is the fbi to blame? tonight there are growing questions about the foiled bomb plot in oakland last friday. a san jose man was arrested. the aclu is crying foul, saying undercover fbi agents suggest a plot and then see it through, something the suspect would never accomplish on his own. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney joins us from san jose this evening. terry, these are some serious charges against the fbi, right? >> reporter: they certainly are. tonight i got a chance to talk to michael german. he is the senior policy council for the aclu. he says the fbi does this so as to justify all the anti-terrorist activity inside that organization. and he says recently he has seen a d
chapter. the vatican had to work quickly to publish a special edition of its newspaper today. there's more than 1 billion catholics around the world. here's that newspaper. and many of them were shocked by pope benedict's announcement that he will resign at the end of this month. we'll hear from catholic leaders and get valuable insight about picking the next pontiff. kimberly? >> reporter: local catholic church leaders say the position is physically and mentally demanding. the pope is expected to travel and make many more public appearances. and it's likely these factors will be considered when choosing the successor. the archbishops of san francisco and oakland have both spent time with the pope within the last year. >> he was certainly very mentally alert and inquisitive and engaging in conversation. but he seemed to be physically baring the burdens of the office. >> reporter: february 28th will be his final day as head of the catholic church. the cardinals of the world will meet in rome to choose a new pontiff. >> the holy father himself, pope benedict, will not take part in the concla
on the vatican has been remodeled. >>> there's new hope for thousands of americans with a specific form of vision loss. the fda has approved the first-ever artificial eye fitted on a pair of glasses. the bionic eye, is approved for people with retinitis pigme pigmentosa. allows to see safely to navigate a room and perform other tasks. >>> it's not mom and dad's medicine cabinet anymore. teens are scoring prescription drugs like vicodin and xanax the old-fashioned way. pill mills are popping up with alarming frequency and with deadly consequences. >> just a sweet boy. >> reporter: he was just 21. >> it's so hard. >> reporter: when joey rivero visited an orange county doctor and walked out with prescriptions for painkillers. >> nine days later, joey was dead. >> reporter: it was a few months before he was set to graduate from arizona state. the coroner found a cocktail of oxycontin, xanax and other pills in his system. >> he should never have had those medications prescribed to him. >> reporter: the doctor he saw is behind bars on $3 million bail, facing three counts of second-degree murder, for re
, many focused on the vatican. police officers and paramedic also be stationed around st. peter's square. the pope perhaps to retire on thursday, then church cardinals will gather to choose the next pope. this is the first time in 600 years a pope has resigned from the position. >>> in six days, unless a budget deal is reached, a massive round of automatic government spending cut also go into effect. governors gathered in washington, d.c. today as part of their meeting and both sides complain nad the stalemate could hurt the economy on the state and local levels. the administration is warning 10,000 teachers could be laid off, more than 1,000 fbi agents could go, and 2100 food inspectionss would take place, too. >> this is something nobody wants. it's not a balanced, thoughtful compromise. >> polls show a majority of americans support the president's plan to avoid the sequester through new taxes and spending cuts. but republicans are demanding the deal should be based on spending cuts. >>> a long awaited opening of a library today that was completed and ready to go three years ago. hundr
. >>> to the vatican now, where it is friday morning, and pope benedict xvi is preparing to say farewell to a -- excuse me, where it is wednesday morning. here is a live look. the pontiff will ride in his pope-mobile through the crowds in st. peters square before addrsing the crowd. this will be his last public speech before his resignation becomes official on thursday. >>> $6 million for a grand opening bay bridge party. we'll see if it happens tomorrow. live pictures now of the bridge -- at least the approach to the bridge. the bay bridge toll authority will vote tomorrow on whether to use $5.6 million in toll money to pay for public safety and public access during the planned celebration of the new eastern span. that new span will open on labor day weekend. private funding still needs to be raised to bring a spectacular fireworks show to the bay bridge for its grand opening. >> if they take that action, then i think that labor day weekend we'll at least have a walk across the bridge. it will have a run and a bike ride. the fireworks display and other features are always going to be subject to the ab
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8